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AC (Air Conditioner) Services

Have you performed cleaning of your Air Conditioner in a long time? It might have skipped your mind due to the difficulty of performing deep cleaning. If yes, do not worry Zurefix has got you covered with their  best and safest AC Maintenance services. 


Why AC Repairing is important?

Over time, dust, dirt, mould and other parasites can build up on your AC ducts, affecting the quality of your air, increasing the risk of harmful airborne diseases and aggravating any allergies that you or your family may have. AC cleaning enables any dirt, debris and harmful contaminants trapped within your ducts and other components of your to be removed, ensuring that your air is clean and healthy.

Our AC deep cleaning service is the solution to your problems. Our experienced technicians use market-leading equipment that both robustly cleans the ducts while simultaneously sucking away all dirt in a simple, stress-free, mess-free procedure. The result? A far cleaner, healthier indoor environment.

What are Benefits of AC Deep Cleaning? 

      • Healthier Living Environment
      • Reduced Exposure to Allergens
      • Odour Elimination
      • Better breathing
      • Better sleep
      • Improved morning energy levels
      • Reduced energy bills

No matter how clean your home is, if the insides of your AC unit are dirty, dirty air will be filtering into your property. Regular duct cleaning will significantly improve your indoor air quality, helping you to enjoy a cleaner, healthier living environment.

Our AC Services

We offer the best in market AC services, the details are below:

Oh! your Air conditioning is not cooling and making weird sounds? Relax and and save money, let our expert technicians clean and maintain your AC to prevent unnecessary faults. Call ZureFix, we provide high standard Maintenance services in all areas with guaranteed results.

We can Check temperature control thermostat and pressure sensors, Tidy up the dirty or blocked air diffusers and filters, Clean variable air valves and filters, Adjust loose fittings generating unusual noise or vibration, Remove dust and sand build up in fan and motor bearings, Clear blocked A/C drain outlets, Repair faulty starter motor, relays or timers, fan belts, Restore power supply and run unit, ensure airflow is normal at correct speed setting.

With ZureFix’s air conditioning compressors repairs, we ensure the good functions of aircon systems.

We know you can’t always predict when your equipment might malfunction or when you’ll need a part replacement on the go.  We  offer 24-hour emergency service 365 days a year, we provide to our customers with the fastest response time in the industry.

Compressor Repair Services We Offer:

      •   Air Conditioning Service
      •   AC Low Cooling Repair
      •   AC Gas Refill
      •   Compressor Changing
      •   Compressor Repairing
      •   Coils Cleaning
      •   Vacuum Air from Compressor
      •   Split AC Out door Unit Repair
      •   HVAC Compressor Repairing

Our dedicated staff members can schedule a visit in your place for AC deep cleaning. Zurefix’s job is to help you and remove the hassle of deep cleaning. On time and reliable staff who is working on emergencies 24/7. You found the best company to do the job. You may do your online request.

The desert sands and dust with cramped up indoors affects the air quality of the AC. Deep cleaning of the AIRCON is one of the best way to get a fresh and good quality air at home or in your working place. You can book with you or simply dial us up and our experts will be at your doorstep in quickest possible time. ZureFix Recommends deep cleaning at least number of times in a year.

We combine maintenance service for air conditioning, electrical and plumbing for more energy efficiency which prevent from breakdowns and repairs.

    • For Indoor Air Conditioning:  Checking and cleaning the strainer and actuator is included in this service with cleaning all indoor diffusers and damper valves. We make sure to check and clean the indoor filter and condenser coil and Flush the drain line. We make sure to clean terminals, PC board, indoor motor and blower and check all mounting brackets and bolts.
    • For outdoor Air Conditioning: ZureFix makes sure to check and clean outdoor coil, compressor terminal and main terminals including all mounting brackets and bolts. Checking the blower belt tightness and condition and clean the blower blade and motor, platform drain point. The strainer condition have to be checked for, any abnormal noise and vibration.
    • For Electrical: we need to check and clean all light fittings and height access. Check all connection and power sockets and switches. The DBs and control panel should be checked too. Not forgetting the breakers and relays, all indicators and selector switches in the DB and control panel and exhaust fan.
    • For Plumbing: ZureFix makes sure to check that the water meter for any leakage. Clean all external drainage manhole cover and apply grease, clean water tanks and fittings. Cleaning the water pumps, all water tap filters are essentials too.
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