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Electrical Services

Providing residential electrical services is one of our specialities. The electrical system of a home is the lifeline of every appliance, gadget, switch and power outlet in the house. As such, it is very important that the system be set up by a reliable home electrical service. 

The technicians in the electric service company you select must appreciate the importance of each stage of electrical work – from basics like wiring to final touches like connections – since this is what the performance of appliances and the safety of your home depends on. 

Our Electrical Services

We offer the best in market Electrical services, the details are below:

You have short circuit and the light went out and you don’t know what to do? Call ZureFix for Emergency Electrician in Dubai & UAE.

Urgent Electrical work is a mastery in this company ensuring faults are fixed safely and efficiently by a qualified electrical technician. Electrical services include fixing bulbs, switches, power sockets, contractors and breakers.

Providing customized electrical services as per your needs:

    • Changing light bulbs.
    • Fixing spotlights.
    • Fixing electrical issues around the house.
    • General Electrical works.

ZureFix’s Electrician teams are one of the most experienced in Dubai.

We make sure the customer are satisfied with weather preventative and reactive maintenance to electrical systems in so many of properties each week.

Our electrical maintenance service includes:

    • Checking all bulbs
    • Operations of switches
    • Checking and cleaning all light fittings  with height not exceeding 2.5 meters
    • Checking all power sockets and switches .
    • Checking all cable connections
    • Checking and fixing any abnormal noise in the contactors and breakers

Sockets and switches looks like 2 simple electrical things. However, when its damaged and not working, it’s a hassle too. We at ZureFix decided to include in the replacing and fixing all brands of the sockets and switches to complete our services like MCCB, GFCI, AFCI, MCB, Smart outlets, RCCB, USB Outlets, MCB, etc. Our outlet services are affordable in price so you can save your money also. We are a leading Outlet Service Provider around Dubai and surrounding areas.

ZureFix  is a company where you will get almost all kinds of electrical services and switch socket installation in Dubai with best Electrician in Dubai. However, the expert electrician will make sure to work as quickly as possible and will replace or install any buttons, switches, sockets and transformers by following all safety rules regulations. Book with us and fill up the form and describe which type and brand you need like: Socket Installation, Electronics Troubleshoot, Electric Short Circuit, Chandelier Installation, Dimmer Switch, Wall Sockets Fixing, Fan & Exhuast Fixing, Residential Socket Installation Services, Wall sockets & Socket Fixing, Socket Replacement, Commercial Socket Installation Services, Installation of Wires & Cable, Replacement of Lamps & Dimmer switch, Chandelier lights & Socket Installation.

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